Supplements & Supplies

We offer a variety of natural supplements and at-home aids to help many conditions. If we do not carry it in stock, we will be happy to special order products for you.

Check out our selection of most commonly requested items:

*Chiroflow Water Pillows

A pillow you adjust to fit your comfort by filling the pocket in the center of the pillow with water. This product can improve quality of sleep by providing proper support of the cervical spine.

* Formula 303's Muscle relaxants

All natural relief for muscle spasm, tension, and stress containing Valerian root, passion flower and magnesium.


Supports the structure and function of joints, easing joint pain.


EFAC stands for "Esterified Fatty Acid Complex." By lubricating cell membranes throughout the body, EFAC restores fluids that cushion bones to promote flexibility and mobility. This product is available in cream and capsule form. 

*Posture Pump 

Relieves neck pain, stiffness, headaches and disc bulging. Decompresses joints and expands disc height. Restores ranges of motion and gets to the cause of neck pain and stiffness fast.